The citizens of Azerbaijan – Aliyev Rasim Farail, Huseynov Ali Alihamza, as well as Dadashov Balagardash Alisafa, who lives in Ardabil city of the Islamic Republic of Iran and is wanted over banditry, kidnapping, together with several other persons made preparations to attempt on the life of foreign public figures in Baku, i.e. to commit a terrorist attack, for this purpose they smuggled firearms, munitions, explosives to Azerbaijan and committed other illegal actions.


It was established that Balagardash Dadashov, who had contacts with Iranian special services, met with his brother-in-law Rasim Aliyev in his flat in Ardabil in August, 2011, and ordered him to attempt on the life of foreign public figures in Baku, he promised Rasim Aliyev to give him $150 000 for this.

R.Aliyev agreed with this proposal and presented the photos of people who should have been killed, as well as plan scheme of the territories where they work and live and photos of their cars. B.Dadashov gave $9300  to Rasim Aliyev for carrying out certain preparatory work for the purpose of realization of terrorist acts. 

Rasim Aliyev conspired with Ali Huseynov, who can use the fire arms, for accomplishing the task, informed him on B.Dadashov’s order and promised A.Huseynov to give him half money that he might get if the murder is committed. After A.Huseynov agreed with this plan, Rasim Aliyev gave him $ 7 000 at different times for the carrying out of preparatory works, including purchasing the cars and solving other issues on the execution of murders. R.Aliyev presented to A.Huseynov the photos of people who should have been killed, as well as plan scheme of the territories where they work and live and photos of their cars. A.Huseynov spent a part of money, which he took from R.Aliyev for the purpose of committing the terrorist act, to the purchasing and repairing of BMW - used car and purchasing the other things which should have been used for the committing of the crime. 

Ali Huseynov came for several times to the territory where the people worked, hold secret observations from outside, came to a conclusion to commit the crime with sniper rifle after seeing many security cameras and the impossibility to commit the murder at short distance. At the same time, Ali Huseynov planned the possibility of killing the foreigners near their houses if he couldn’t commit the terrorist act at that territory. A.Huseynov informed Rasim Aliyev on the results of the observations and noted the necessity to get suppressors, Russian-produced sniper rifles and “PM” pistol. Rasim Aliyev went to Iran and delivered A.Huseynov’s proposals to Balagardash Dadashov who promised to provide bringing of necessary weapons to Azerbaijan.

Then Rasim Aliyev went to Ardabil for meeting again with Balagardash Dadashov and gave the information which collected together with Ali Huseynov for the fulfillment of mission. Balagardash Dadashov said that the ordered weapons will be hidden in the concerted place in Bilasuvar region and he tasked to Rasim Aliyev to take weapons from there. But Rasim Aliyev said that it was dangerous to take the fire-arms from the tasked place and gave the memory card. Balagardash Dadashov took this memory card and he said that he will inform Rasim Aliyev after the consultation with employees of special services of Iran. Balagardash Dadashov said that he consulted with these persons and they didn’t accept the offer. He also said that the ordered weapons will be hidden on the 150 km of Baku-Astara highway, in the concerted place near Bilasuvar region. 

Balagardash Dadashov organized the bringing of 1 “SVD” type sniper, 2 suppresser and 2 loaded chargers for the same sniper, 1 optical shooting-mark and 3 “PM” type pistols, 3 suppresser and 3 chargers for the same pistols, 3 800 grams plastic explosive substances, 10 electric-detonators, two packages consist of 117 7,62mm and 112 9mm patrons in illegally way from Iran to Azerbaijan and to hide this fire-arms in the concerted place on 150 km of Baku-Astara highway near Bilasuvar region. 

As a result of immediate preventive measures taken by the Ministry of National Security, Rasim Aliyev and Ali Huseynov couldn’t realize the plans of terrorist attack and were detained. Above-mentioned arms, their complete spare parts, ammunitions, explosives were found in the hiding on Baku-Astara highway’s 150th km passing through the territory of Bilasuvar region previously determined by the members of the group. 

Currently General Investigative Directorate of the Ministry of National Security is conducting investigation under the articles 28,277 (preparation for assassination attempt against public figure”, 206.3.2 (arms, ammunitions and explosive smuggling), 228.2.1 (illegal bearing, storage of arms, ammunitions and explosives). Rasim Aliyev and Ali Huseynov are in pre-trial custody as accused persons. 

Necessary investigative actions and operational searches are conducted for investigation of all cases related to the crime.