Heads of special services of Azerbaijan


Frinovsky Mikhail Petrovich: September, 1930 – April, 1933
Mikhail Frinovsky was born in 1898 in Narovchat city of Penza province (present Russian Federation) in teacher’s family. He is ethnic Russian. He received primary education. As a member of the Communist (bolshevik) Party since 1918, he was at the head of the Red Guards group and worked at the trade unions. In 1919, the Communist Party sent him to Moscow at the disposal of the Special Unit of the Extraordinary Commission where had worked assistant chief of the Active subdivision. At the same year he had directly participated in the military operation named «National Centre», in arrest and neutralization of anarchists. After sending to Ukraine he became chief of the Special Unit of the Extraordinary Commission in Kiev and Belgorod and was member of the Board of Kiev Extraordinary Commission. Later, he was chief the Special Unit of the Galicia Army, chief of the Active subdivision of the Special Unit for South-Western front, deputy chief of the Special Unit for the First Cavalry Army. In 1921, M. Frinovsky was sent to the Field Staff for neutralization of Tyutyunnik’s band; from May, 1922 acted as chief of the Common Administrative department and secretary of the plenipotentiary representative of the State Political Department; participated at the military operations against the “Kholodniy Yar” atamans in September 1922 and in suppression of the National movement in Ingushetia in 1925. Since September 1, 1930, till April 3, 1933, he held position of chairman of the Azerbaijan SSR State Political Department. During his term in Azerbaijan, M. Frinovsky participated in the violent suppression of popular movement against the Soviet power.